Measure, Monitor, and Maximize Transportation Performance

Isometric Technologies (ISO) is the only Logistics Performance Intelligence platform that provides shippers, brokers, and carriers with the ability to accurately measure the total cost of transportation.

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Your freight transportation data is flawed. When retailers, shippers, and carriers all operate on siloed systems, it’s impossible to agree on the root cause of a problem – leading to billions of lost dollars. To measure the hidden costs of service-level performance, your supply chain needs a neutral, single source of truth.

Logistics Performance Intelligence delivered to:


Shippers           Brokers           Carriers


Transportation, Procurement and Customer Logistics teams

ISO for Shippers

Establish a single source of truth for logistics performance with our neutral platform to supercharge procurement, provide dynamic carrier scorecards, and fight retailer chargebacks.

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Freight Brokers & 3PL’s

ISO for Brokers

Measure your performance relative to the entire logistics industry, and source the highest-performing carriers on every load and lane.

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Customer Account Managers

ISO for Carriers

Collaborate with your shippers to establish the truth behind every load. ISO helps you resolve discrepancies and understand how you’re performing across all your shippers.

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Data Reconciliation

Get the Full Picture

Identify Service Problems
Give your operators more time back in their day. Eliminate back-and-forth communication and extensive human analysis to find the root cause of service failures and inefficiencies.
Improve Data Accuracy
Put trust back in your data. Connect siloed systems and operate from a single source of truth so you can work with partners to contextualize service failures and create actionable insights.
Understand True Costs
A failure for one customer doesn’t cost the same for another. Understand the true cost associated with every order, shipment, carrier, partner, and customer in your supply chain.
Get Started Fast
Deploy fast, with minimal IT involvement. ISO works with your existing data systems and tech stack to enhance the metrics you already use – as well as uncover brand new insights.
"We have been able to gain immediate insights since partnering with ISO. The platform provides easily actionable information that we have utilized to drive positive changes in our operations. The ISO team has been very engaged with us as well; creating custom rules and analytical views that we intend to use heavily going forward."
David Lucke
Team Lead Transportation Logistics, Conagra