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ISO is the first Service Index, helping you measure your performance strengths relative to industry benchmarks, and optimize your carrier network based on service-level data.

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The true cost of unreliable carriers has always been a black box. Enter ISO, the performance measurement hub built to deliver a deep well of service data to your operators' fingertips and your process automation.

Separate from the pack

Grow sustainably
Behave like a billion-dollar broker with access to vast amounts of performance data and a granular understanding of your cost to serve.
Differentiate your service
Manage your partnerships with a data and technology-driven approach to service and network optimization.
Source and select reliable carriers
Give your teams accurate, unbiased performance data and access to the top performing carriers on every lane across the ISO network.

Measure Your Performance Strengths

Industry benchmarking

Understand your organization’s strengths and weaknesses along with underlying carrier performance relative to the industry.

Performance API

Integrate ISO’s performance and benchmark data into your systems and processes to make data-driven decisions across your operation.

Proactive networked scorecards

Get automated scorecards for your shippers, carriers, facilities, lanes and employees. Your carrier network shares the same view of performance as your team.

Power Lane

Supercharge your procurement efforts with access to a database of in and out-of-network carriers that perform best on your lanes.


Shift to Strategic Carrier Selection

Centralize performance measurement

Provide account management and carrier teams with a singular understanding of how carriers perform on each of your customers’ SLAs, so you can match carriers with loads with more confidence.

Measure the cost of unreliable carriers

Track the costs of bad bounces, rebooking rates, rescheduling overhead and invoicing issues that erode margins and customer satisfaction.

Select carriers based on their reliability scores

Get access to ISO Scores for all carriers in the ISO network, so that you can source and select carriers on every lane based on historical performance.


Low-Lift Integration Paths

Build to ISO’s modern API, built to pull data bi-directionally between our platform and your TMS or data lake.
Get started with a templated data export from your TMS or data lake. We support SFTP upload for easy automation and added security.
TMS Connectors
We have partnerships and connectors with many of the leading broker TMS providers, including McLeod.
“Leveraging ISO for data collaboration saves us time by automating the process so we can track performance with transparency, identify necessary adjustments, and make changes in real-time to drive improvements, all of which helps us better serve our clients.”
Mark Krusic
Operations Team Lead at Echo Global Logistics
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