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Isometric Technologies helps you proactively manage partnerships, and mitigate unjust fines.

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High penalties don’t always mean poor performance. ISO helps shippers reduce chargebacks and proactively identify penalties you’ve been exposed to months before invoices hit. At the same time, advanced analytics surface actionable insights to help you optimize complex business relationships.

Manage Customer Partners

Connect Orders with Shipments

By connecting ERP and TMS data, you can easily look up which orders are associated with which shipments.

Identify Root Causes

With root-cause analysis, you can track customer-driven service failures and use the data to have productive conversations with your partners.

Access Dynamic Analytics 

Create customer-performance dashboards and schedule automated email reports. Then, set alerts to get notified when metrics like key SLAs or penalty amounts cross a certain threshold.

Show Commitment to Service 

Become a shipper-of-choice by investing in a collaborative performance solution that helps you better serve your customers.


Address Penalties Earlier

Centralize Your SLAs
Find all the different ways you’re being measured and fined across your retailers and map it out in one SLA repository.
Track Your Exposure
Map your performance to your customer SLAs and penalties to see what service penalties you’re facing months before invoices hit.
Capture Important Documents
Request and house documentation from carriers and download it as a PDF with just one click.

Stay Informed Across Workflows

Collaborate Centrally

Create open communication between carriers, transportation teams, and customer operations by collaborating on a single source of truth platform.


Receive Important Alerts

Subscribe to shipments and exceptions to receive regular update notifications and schedule reports, automatically sent to your inbox.

"We're absolutely seeing the value [in ISO]. We were able to justify hiring a dedicated fleet in our Texas location because ISO data told us we were getting hit with $200k in penalties. We actually saved $100k! The ISO team has been a joy to work with."
Sourcing Lead
F500 CPG Shipper
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