Isometric Technologies (ISO) and Highway Collaborate to Eliminate Risk from the Carrier Selection Process

Isometric Technologies (ISO) and Highway Collaborate to Eliminate Risk from the Carrier Selection Process


Strategic alliance will focus on creating an ecosystem of trust using comprehensive carrier identity profiles based on compliance, fraud prevention, and service-level performance scores.

SAN FRANCISCO  – Tuesday, November 14th — Isometric Technologies (ISO), pioneers in transportation performance intelligence and carrier scorecarding, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Highway, a market leader in Carrier IdentityTM. This alliance is poised to offer unprecedented value to mutual customers in their carrier selection and onboarding endeavors, enhancing carrier identity profiles and mitigating the risk of bringing new carriers into their networks.


As the freight industry grows increasingly complex, so do the challenges of ensuring compliance, preventing fraud, and accurately assessing carrier performance. The collaboration between ISO and Highway answers these challenges by providing a new vision for the future of carrier selection through a comprehensive trust tech stack for the transportation industry. The partnership employs a dual-strategy approach, merging ISO’s service-level performance measurement and benchmarking data with Highway’s mastery of carrier identity.

“This alliance with Highway marks a watershed moment for ISO. It combines two areas of expertise into a single, powerful solution for carrier selection and onboarding,” said John Stauffer,  Co-Founder and COO at ISO. “Our joint capabilities enable customers to mitigate risks more effectively and establish more reliable partnerships with carriers.”

ISO and Highway are actively working on a direct product integration that will produce a comprehensive carrier identity profile, incorporating elements of compliance, fraud detection, and historical service-level performance in the form of ISO scores. Regardless of which platform mutual customers use to vet new carriers, they will have a comprehensive view of both Highway and ISO data at their fingertips.

Michael Caney, COO of Highway, added, “ISO’s excellence in transportation performance intelligence solutions perfectly complements our strengths. This partnership promises to redefine standards, enabling a risk-minimized, trustworthy, and efficient environment for carrier selection.”

ISO and Highway share a commitment to deliver value to their customers, establishing an ecosystem of trust for carrier selection and onboarding. This union solidifies both companies’ shared vision for a resilient, future-ready freight industry.


About Isometric Technologies

ISO allows logistics service providers to shift to a value-based procurement method, rather than price, to match carrier strengths with the expectations of their customers. With the first neutral transportation performance intelligence platform, brokers access service-level industry benchmarks, dynamic scorecards and analytics to pinpoint their strengths and understand how their carrier network performs relative to the market. ISO represents a data-driven commitment to service that separates brokers from the pack, driving sales and improved carrier relationships. (

About Highway

Highway is a premier technology provider that assists shippers, freight brokers, and logistics service providers in verifying carrier identity to reduce fraud and streamline the digital booking process. Highway enhances carrier engagement and offers a carrier-friendly standard of compliance within a scalable framework. Highway provides transparency into fleet analytics of more than 280,000 carriers throughout North America. Its Lane Certainty™ geospatial algorithm matches millions of carrier data points to help find the ideal capacity in a desired lane. (