Performance Analytics

Turn your cleaned and contextualized performance data into actionable insights.

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Put your data to work. Uncover the true landed cost of service, how much poor carrier service is costing you, and whether you’re allocating transportation spend in the most effective way.
Isometric Technologies lets you quantify the impact of performance with pre-built reports and custom tools that let you filter, visualize, and take a deep dive into your data – any way you like.

Customize Your Insights

Identify Problems
Quickly identify financial friction and problem hotspots in your supply chain and easily drill down into any area of interest with ISO’s Explore feature.
Compare Carriers
See how carriers in your network stack up against each other by lane, customer, origin, KPI, and more.
Measure Deduction Exposure
Identify where your costs are coming from by looking at retailer, carrier, and facility data over any period.

Accelerate Workflows

Find Answers Faster

Optimize your workflows with automated analytics, and quickly surface insights without requiring several weeks of lead-time or a team of analysts.


Minimize Manual Tasks

With QBR-in-a-box, you can reduce time preparing for carrier meetings, and save and share custom reports and dashboards for repeat use.


Never Miss an Update

Stay Informed with Auto-Reporting
Schedule reports to automatically be emailed to you and any other stakeholders at regular intervals.
Get Real-Time Alerts
Set alerts to get notified when a metric crosses a threshold of your choosing.
Share Your Insights
Reports and data are easily available to download as a CSV or PDF to share.
“In ISO, everything is all in one place and you can easily see what needs to be reviewed. I love that the tool gives us a period of time to challenge exceptions on our scorecard. Many shippers don’t give us the option to challenge exceptions which means we end up spending lots of time during our QBRs discussing data discrepancies.”
Nicole Beer
Customer Operations Manager, Molo Solutions
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