ISO Awards 2023

Service is more important than ever in our supply chain. Our annual awards are our way of recognizing the carriers that deliver exceptional levels of service to our network of enterprise shippers.




At a time when shippers face growing pressure to deliver on time and in full to their customers, service levels matter more than ever in their supply chains. You stand out as one of the very best in the country.

The 2023 Top 50 Logistics Service Providers

ISO Award FAQs

But how are the award winners decided? How big is the ISO network?

We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help provide you with more transparency around the award program.

What criteria is used to determine the ISO Award winners?

ISO ranks our top 50 carriers based on our standard, composite performance metric, the ISO Score (see below). To ensure each winning carrier’s score is based on reliable data and sufficient sample size, we include the following filters:

  • Shipments: >500 shipments in 2023
  • Shippers: Hauls for >1 ISO shipper (specific to Retailer Award)
  • Carrier engagement: Must have an ISO Scorecard engagement score of >0 (must have taken action on at least one exception in the ISO scorecard in 2023)
  • Data quality: We check for data quality to ensure that self-reported data by carriers does not have an over-occurrence of “exact matches” to appointment times to eliminate bad actors.
How big is the ISO network today? How many carriers?

The ISO platform is composed of an unprecedented amount of carrier performance data, compiled on behalf of our network of enterprise shippers. In 2023, the ISO network compiles service data across over $18B in order revenue across many F-1000 CPG and Food and Bev shippers.

Across this network, there are more than 3,630 carriers that were evaluated as part of this award program.

What is the ‘ISO Score’?

The ISO Score is a composite measure of performance based on the most widely accepted performance metrics in the logistics industry (tender acceptance, on-time pickup, and on-time delivery). We use a weighted calculation based on these metrics to generate the ISO score, the methodology of which has been thoroughly vetted by existing customers and industry partners.

The ISO Score is intended to be akin to a “FICO” score for freight. It signifies service-level reliability and trust. We are always seeking to improve the ISO Score, including costumer and industry feedback and vetting.

How are the categories defined?

Region: The region is based on the origin of the shipment. We use the regions as defined here, with Mid-Atlantic and New England combined to an “East” region.

Retailer: This consists of all shipments into the facilities of some of the top US retailers, including Walmart, Target, Costco, Amazon and Kroger. To qualify, carriers must have delivered for more than one shipper, with at least 100 shipments.

Mileage Band:

  • Local: 0-50 miles
  • Short Haul: 51-150 miles
  • Regional: 151-550 miles
  • Mid/Long: 551-1000 miles
  • Long Haul: >1000 miles
Which modes and types of transportation are included?

The ISO Award network data pool is composed of FTL and LTL freight performance data.

What types of logistics service providers are included?

ISO award-winning carriers include both asset-based carriers and freight brokerages/3PLs.

Why should I trust ISO network data and benchmarking?

As a neutral third party, ISO provides shippers and carriers with a platform to collaborate and cleanse their performance data together. Partners establish a mutually agreed upon record of service level data through the ISO scorecarding workflow.

Further, in preparing for the ISO Awards, we ensure that carriers meet stringent thresholds of data quality so that that self-reported metrics around pick-up and delivery timing are not artificially high.

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