Leading CPG Shipper Reduces Penalty Exposure while Improving OTD

An Enterprise CPG shipper improved carrier performance and reduced penalty exposure by using Isometric Technologies’ collaborative platform.


The Challenge

An Enterprise CPG shipper that manufactures cleaning products was looking for ways to cut costs while streamlining internal and external operations within their supply chain.

Ultimately, the CPG shipper found it incredibly challenging to collaborate across stakeholders and nearly impossible to identify responsible parties for service failures, let alone understand the monetary impact of those failures. Because of this, the shipper had difficulty measuring overall performance and how they managed the relationship between service and cost. As a result, the company spent countless hours every week reconciling data with their carrier partners to measure performance, lost millions of dollars to unjust retailer chargebacks, and made ill-informed procurement decisions due to a lack of trustworthy information during RFP season.

The shipper realized that in order to make smarter procurement decisions, lower penalty exposure, and better identify network inefficiencies, they needed to be able to connect their disparate datasets and validate the data with their carrier partners.

The Solution

Streamlined performance

In order to streamline their operations, our Enterprise Shipper needed a collaborative performance management solution that measured and monitored carrier performance and worked in tandem with their current tech stack and existing data systems.

Isometric Technologies (ISO) provided the shipper with a neutral platform where they could measure performance across their transportation partners through a single lens with our Collaborative Performance Management Workflow.


Deliver instant answers

Within weeks of implementation, this level of transparency and alignment provided the shipper with visibility into the “why” behind poor performance as well as the “who” and “what” caused the service failures.

We’ll let the results speak for themselves.


The Results

The Results

Tracked in penalty exposure in one year, of that 38% was not Enterprise Shipper’s fault
Decrease in average OTIF penalty exposure per shipment
Increase in on-time deliveries across network, demonstating commitement to service for retail partners
"Before we didn’t even know if we were going to be fined, and now we have this information months earlier than we used to. We’ll be able to take proactive action to course correct internally, as well as with our carriers and customers."
Supply Chain Team Manager
Enterprise CPG Shipper