ISO 2023 ‘Excellence in Service’ Awards and Year in Performance Insights

For the 2023 ISO Awards, we’re thrilled to have the unique opportunity to observe service trends, benchmarks and top performers across our network of shippers and logistics service providers.

2023 ISO Award Winners & Year in Performance Infographic

Download the PDF: ISO 2023 Award Winners & Year in Performance Infographic  

How To Eliminate Risk From Carrier Onboarding and Selection

Freight brokers have never been more equipped to help reduce the risk of bringing new carriers into the fold. The key to removing risk from your carrier pool is to put the data, technology and processes in place to help your operators make smart decisions quickly and profitably.

Why Performance Data Is the Secret to Standing Out in a Bad Freight Market

In a saturated freight market, brokers must adopt data-driven strategies to stand out, leveraging technology to measure service performance and gain a competitive edge.

Highlights from the 4th Annual State of Supply Chain Sustainability Report

MIT’s The State of Supply Chain Sustainability 2023 report sheds new light on the complexities and challenges that modern supply chains face when it comes to achieving sustainability goals. ISO partnered with the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) to sponsor and contribute to this study.  Based on a survey of more than […]

The Standardized Performance KPIs all Freight Brokers Should Measure (and how we get there)

It’s long past time to standardize freight industry performance metrics.  As the freight market settles into a recession, shippers, brokers and carriers have a moment to catch their collective breath and address the underlying performance and collaboration issues in the supply chain that nearly halted the global economy over the past three years. That’s why […]