The Standardized Performance KPIs all Freight Brokers Should Measure (and how we get there)

It’s long past time to standardize freight industry performance metrics.  As the freight market settles into a recession, shippers, brokers and carriers have a moment to catch their collective breath and address the underlying performance and collaboration issues in the supply chain that nearly halted the global economy over the past three years. That’s why […]

America’s Biggest Industries Have Performance Standards; It’s Time for Freight to Catch Up

The freight industry is in need of a performance measurement revolution, as we’ve covered already. Many other industries have taken similar steps with great results, including some of the most prominent in America. Performance standards adopted in finance, professional sports, and our very own transportation sector, for example, have led countless businesses to more streamlined […]

Why Brokers Need Freight Industry Performance Standards Now

To succeed, freight brokers need to find new ways to showcase their value. Industry performance standards are crucial for differentiation, and now is the time to establish them.

How to Differentiate Your Brokerage with Transportation Performance Data

The power of data: how freight brokers can use transportation performance metrics to win more business

The Current and Future State of Freight Performance Measurement

The ISO team sat down with William Kerr, CEO of Edge Logistics, to chat about performance measurement and the data accuracy problem within the supply chain.